Bulawayo City Council


Consumers Section


Council has over 155,000 domestic and business customers that it bills monthly.The Consumers Section co-ordinates the billing process as follows:

The Section prepares billing schedules which give time guidelines to the production of monthly bills in respect of all properties in the city. Briefly, the process moves in the following order and direction; meter reading (covering both the physical reading and the capturing of the values into the system), deviation (the checking mechanism of the correctness of meter readings read into the system), the actual running of bills in the system, the printing of bills, bill packing and, finally, bill delivery to the consumers.

Council applies its current approved tariffs on its billing which change from time to time, but normally at the beginning of each financial year.

Due to the current poor state of roads and the high costs of water treatment chemicals, Council introduced a roads levy and a water levy.

Water Consumption

The first 14 kiloliters of water consumed are charged at the rate of 6 cents per kiloliter.15 to 25 kiloliters in Low Density Areas the charge per kiloliter is 18 cents and in the High Density Areas 13 cents per kiloliter.Consumption of 26 kiloliters and over is charged at 54 cents per kiloliter in the Low Density Areas and at 42 cents in the High Density Areas.A penalty at 34cents/kl is charged above the daily allocation of 0.450kl/day

Non Payment of Bills

All consumers are urged to pay off their bills in time.This would enable Council to offer a reasonable service delivery to its residents.

Non payment of bills can lead to disconnection of water supplies to the offending consumers.

Bills that remain unpaid after disconnection of supplies are referred to Council's Legal Section who initiates court action by issuing summons.

New Connections

An application form is filled in for new connections for water supplies and sewer reticulation.


In the event that a consumer no longer needs Council's water supply he/she should fill in a termination form.These forms are available at the enquiries desk at the Revenue Hall.

Illegal Consumers

It is illegal for any person to consume Council's water without its permission.

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